Many people around the world are always interested to peek into other person computer. Image a hack that will help you to peek into other person webcam. Yes, today we will show you on how easy is for hackers to hack into someone computer and watch the webcam to take pictures every 30 seconds. This all is done using sending malicious URL to victim and impersonating him/her to click on binary.

We will walk you through steps on how a hacker can remotely take pictures of the victim using spycam tool. The main aim of the spycam tool is to take the pictures from the victim’s webcam for every 30 seconds and sends picture’s back to hackers.


  • Os: Kali Linux 2019.3 64 bit
  • Kernel-Version: 5.2.0

Resolving deltas: 100% (9/9), done.

Use the cd command to enter into spycam directory

Next, use this command to install the dependencies bash

Next, use this command to give the file permissions chmod +x spycam

Now, use this command to launch the tool. ./spycam

  • We successfully launched the tool
  • Now, we have to set the payload name. Payload name should is something to provoke victim onto clicking it.
  • After that it generates a payload with .exe extension, then it starts PHP servers to provide a malicious link.
  • Next send this malicious link to the victim using social engineering.
  • If victims open the URL in the browser

Make it a Genuine Email by hiding original link.

  • It downloads the payload.exe file automatically.
  • If victims run the .exe file in his machine it executes the payload on his machine and webcam starts taking the pictures from the webcam.

  • After taking the pictures, it saves all the pictures in uploadedfile directory.
  • There we can file all the pictures.
  • Now, open the Image, and let’s see whether the tool captured the image of the victim. Below you can see the captured image of Victim.

Successfully we got the victims Picture.


We saw how easy to take pictures of the victim from his webcam by executing a single malicious file. Most of the people and hackers use these kind of techniques. So it is always recommended to not click on any unknown link and install unknown binary

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